Are you an independent investor or a corporate affairs representative in the Oil and Gas industry or, perhaps, you are a developing or emerging markets high level government official in charge of Local Content Policies and Strategy in your country? What’s your plan for a successful Local Content Policy implementation? Do you have all the information available to ensure the best and long-term goals for the host country where you operate or for your country? How will Local Content Policies guarantee consistency with national development plans, enhancement of economic growth and generation of sustainable and competitive businesses beyond the Oil and Gas sector? Will it cost too much to Oil and Gas companies in the end, interfering with profitability?

These are just a few of many questions that Mireille Toulekima has positioned herself to answer. She is a key enabler for just these kinds of scenarios. She has the knowledge and the ability to offer consulting support for Oil and Gas projects in Emerging Markets and can act as a mediator for both sides of the Local Content problem.